Oranje POC - DO Blade AVIP - Hydrogen White/Zink Orange - - Maat Uni

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Over Oranje POC - DO Blade AVIP - Hydrogen White/Zink Orange - - Maat Uni

Lens POC’s DO Blade Clarity AVIP Sunglasses come with a single lens which provides a stretched, uninterrupted peripheral vision. The large single lens is made of nylon which provides a large surface area of protection from abrasions and impacts. The Clarity lens tints and technology provides the ultimate vision of the road with a special control of light transmission which provides optimisation of contrasts and changing lighting environments when on the road. To keep your lens clearer for longer the lens is treated with a Ripel and Anti-Fog lens treatment that quickly pools moisture from the lens and also stops the lens from fogging up due to hot and humid conditions. Frame The frame is made of Grilamid which is a super durable material which is also known for being incredibly lightweight and flexible. The nose piece is fully adjustable which ensures that the glasses that helps you find the perfect fit for your specific face shape which provides a long lasting comfort and additional stabilisation. Also to help keep the glasses in position the glasses come with hydrophilic rubber inserts which are water resistant and will keep the glasses in position even when you’re at your most active.